Japan 2017 | Day 17 | Naoshima


Where do I start with Naoshima… it’s almost a three hour train, bus and ferry ride from Osaka (six hour round trip) but it’s well worth it!

I loved this place. It has art, good food, beer and scenery. It’s a tiny island that’s been transformed into an art installation. Scattered across the island is not only installations but museums and galleries. We hired electric bikes to get around the island. When I say it’s tiny it really is, we got lost trying to get to one of the first spots because we thought it was further away but really it was pretty much around the corner.

The first stop was Art House Project. There are six houses that have been taken over by six different artists. It was my favourite thing on Naoshima. My favourite project was Ishibashi. I actually teared up when I saw The Falls, it was so impactful and just made me feel amazing. The whole house led to that moment and I’m sad I won’t be able to relive that feeling again.

We also visited the Lee Ufan Museum, Bennesse Museum and Chi Chu Museum which featured a Claude Monet. It was great to finally see some water lilies!


We had try the Naoshima Burger and some local beer, like the island itself it did not disappoint. It was delicious.


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