Japan 2017 | Day 16 | Osaka


Today we went to Round 1 and played ten pin bowling. I was awful at it but Richard got a strike! We definitely got shown up by the older ladies next to us. Everything the Japanese do is so crazy and fun, it was a great way to spend the morning.

We then went on a little craft beer pub crawl. We went to Craft Beer Base Buds and tried a bunch of Japanese craft beer. Our other stop was the Kirin Ichiban Garden. It was nice to sit outside and people watch but they played Love Is In the Air every second song (and no I’m not joking or exaggerating) so it got a bit tiresome.


We had the most delicious breakfast at the hostel. They are so friendly and make a killer salad! The coffee wasn’t bad too.

We had lunch at Craft Beer Base which was also delicious.


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