Japan 2017 | Day 14 | Osaka


Today we explored Den Den Town, electronics and anime heaven. There’s streets and streets of electronic stalls with everything from lights to walkie talkies to radios. The other part of Den Den Town is the anime area. There’s huge shops with heaps of floors, each with different merchandise and series. We also found an awesome store with old Nintendo games and consoles.

We then went to Nakazakicho, this place was hipster heaven. It had lots of cute cafes and vintage shops. There were heaps of bars too. Every street you turned down there was more to see, it seemed never ending.


We stopped in at one of the many cafes in Nakazakicho for a cheeky drink, the front was overgrown with vines. It was so gorgeous.

For lunch we went to Plug, a sandwich bar also in Nakazakicho. It was the perfect place to enjoy the sun and fill up after a day of exploring.


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