Japan 2017 | Day 13 | Osaka


We had a bit of a sleep in today but our first stop was Osaka Castle. It’s stunning and big. The stand out feature for me were the gold tigers, they are a symbol of strength and this castle is definitely intimidating. It has large walls and a moat, you can just picture the fights that could’ve taken place here.

We then walked through Nakanshima, a beautiful area right on the river and went through the National Science Museum and National Art Museum. They were both incredible.

The exhibiting artist was Ryan Garner, his view on the world and how he can bring life to everyday things was inspiring.

On the way we stoped at Moto Coffee and had my second real coffee, it’s just what I needed to manage all the walking we would be doing.


For breakfast we stopped at a great bakery in the station. We also grabbed some sandwiches for lunch which we had overlooking Osaka Castle.

After all the walking we did, we needed a drink and found an awesome place right on the river with an amazing view.

We had dinner at the same place and it was so yum!


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