Japan 2017 | Day 9 | Kyoto


Today we went to the Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion. It’s about 20kgs of real gold and it’s so gorgeous. The gardens surrounding the pavilion are also stunning.

We then went to the Ryoan-ji Rock Garden. This is a zen garden made only of rocks. There’s 15 large rocks and no matter where you look there’s only 14. Depending on your view you can either see clouds and mountain tops or the ocean and islands. I see the ocean. If it wasn’t for all the tourists it would be a perfect place to read a book and relax all day. Again there was a gorgeous garden surrounding the zen garden.

The next stop was Nijo Castle. The holiday home of a powerful Shogun. He built to remind everyone of his power. There are a lot of paintings of tigers which is a symbol of strength.

We stopped in a large shopping centre for lunch and one floor was a Game Centre. It’s filled with claw machines, photo booths, virtual horse racing betting, dance machines, air hockey etc. It’s pretty much a time zone and casino in one. Of course nothing is a straight game, we played air hockey and at certain times during the game heaps of smaller pucks were released and it was mayhem.

Our last shrine of the tour was Heian Jingu Shrine. While the shrine was amazing, again it was the gorgeous garden that stole the show.

It was then time to see a Geisha in the Gion Geisha District. This is where they go to school for five years to become a Geisha. The streets here still have the tradional look, it’s so quaint. We actually didn’t see a real Geisha but there was lots of people around in kimonos.


For lunch told we went to a self serve udon place at a shopping center.

While in Gion we stopped for a snack and a beer. I had some delicious sashimi salmon.

For dinner we had okonomiyaki. It was different from the first night, there was no noodles. I think I preferred the taste of this one because it was much lighter.


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