Japan 2017 | Day 7 | Hiroshima & Koyasan


I had been looking forward to the Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum since we decided to do this trip. With everything happening in the world today it was good to look back and hope we don’t make the same mistakes.

The A-Bomb Dome was the first glimpse we had of the terror the atomic bomb brought. The Dome was an exhibition center and everyone inside was killed instantly. It was very close to where the bomb fell. The Dome is obviously in ruins, all of the insides are black. I appreciate that they decided to keep it because it demonstrates the power this bomb had.

I had forgot about the story of the girl who folded 1,000 origami cranes and died of cancer caused by the bomb until I went to her monument. It was a stunning memorial and the fact people are still making cranes for the survivors is really inspiring.

We then walked through the Park and past a flame that will be extinguished once the last nuclear weapon has been banished. Again it’s a special symbol that really resonated with me that the destruction caused that day was one born of fear that we are still facing today.

The Museum was shocking but eye opening. The affects of that decision are still being felt today. One piece really stood out to me, a watch that was stopped at 8:15am. It’s making me tear up right now, those 200,000 people won’t live past that time. They are forever stuck at 8:15am.

May there never be another Hiroshima.

The trip to Koyasan was so beautiful. There’s huge mountains with small villages spotted on the mountains. It’s so green and lush it’s hard to believe we’ve come from such major cities. It’s so relaxing and refreshing, like all my worries have been left in the big city.

After dinner we went to the local cemetery which is the entrance to the resting place of the founding member of this sect of Buddhism. He is thought to be in an enteral state of meditation.


For lunch we went to another food court and had udon with chilli oil and egg. I had never had udon like this, there was no broth, just the egg and noodles. It was still super delicious.

For dinner we had a traditional Buddhist vegetarian meal. It was a bit bland but the eggplant and beans were yum! It was an awesome experience. We were also given bracelets that promote good health.


Tonight we are staying at a Buddhist Monastery, Sekishoin. It’s so gorgeous here, when we arrived we were served green tea and biscuits. The monastery is a ryokan so it’s back to sleeping on the floor.


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