Japan 2017 | Day 6 | Hiroshima


We travelled from Takayama to Hiroshima today, although it sounds boring Japan was made for travelling. Everything is so easy, comfy and the scenery is beautiful.

Once we arrived in Hiroshima it was straight on to Miyajima Island and the Itsukushima Shrine. The island was gorgeous and there were wild dear just wondering around, one even had a sneak peek at my handbag!

The shrine was pretty amazing even if it wasn’t floating because of the low tide. It’s so big and makes an amazing statement.


We had another tradional breakfast this morning, again just as delicious but unfortunately none of the sweet beans today!

A speciality of the island is oysters, people are on the beach digging for them! The stalls at the arcade are full of grilled oysters. I just had to try some, but to be honest fresh is definitely best. They are also super big so it freaked me out a bit.

Another speciality of Hiroshima is a maple leaf sweet with paste in the middle. I tried the green tea one and it was so tasty!

For dinner we went to a food court across from the station and tried okonomiyaki. It’s like a cabbage pancake with cheese and your choice of toppings. You sit at a bar and the chef cooks it straight in front of you. You then eat it from the grill. It’s the most delicious meal I’ve had so far, I think it will be a regular for the rest of the trip!



We stayed at Hotel New Hiroden in Hiroshima, it was clean and close to the train station.


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