Japan 2017 | Day 5 | Takayama

Takayama is an old and very traditional town so I was excited to explore more of this place and finally try some sake.


This morning we woke up after a sleep in a tradional ryokan, it was a surprisingly good sleep for pretty much having the floor as a mattress.

Our first stop for the day was the Miyagawa Morning Markets. This is a row of market stalls along the river, there was a lot of good and souvenirs plus a great inscense shop!

There were banners with coy fish on them along the river which were from the Boys Festival, it promotes good health and represents strength for boys. For the Girls Featival they put up banners with dolls on them.

We then went to the last remaining Samurai administration building, Takayama Jinya. It was incredible to see how these fierce warriors governed the land. They were obviously very proud people, everything was so structured and perfect. What was surprising though was the huge divide between the classes, the officials got higher kitchens and separate rooms whereas the servants had to crowd in small places to eat and sleep.

We finally got to taste some sake, it won’t be my drink of choice but it was nicer than I thought it would be!

The large hanging ball below is cedar and is now used for decoration however in the past it was used as a guide to when the sake was ready, as it aged it would change colour.

We then explored Old Town’s traditional houses and shops. It was great to see everything in such good condition. The houses are painted black because there was a ban on using high grade wood for houses however the area was rich so they still used the high grade wood but painted it black to hide it from officials.

Takayama is surrounded by mountains so what better way to spend our last afternoon there than to climb one. It was a bit touch and go there for a bit because of the bear warning signs and petrol tins with sticks (used to scare off bears) but we did it. It was well worth it. The view was amazing!


For breakfast we had a tradional Japanese breaky. It was big – lots of small (and cute) plates. It included pickles, miso, grilled salmon, salad, rice, green tea, coffee, juice, fruit and these sweet beans that were my favourite.

For lunch Richard had to have Hida Beef again so we went to Funasaka, a sake brewery. I had udon tempura which was delicious.

For dessert I had a black bean and sesame seed bun, straight from the steamer. It was yum!



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