Japan 2017 | Day 4 | Takayama

Today was a travel day, we journeyed from Tokyo to Takayama. Part of our journey was on the bullet train which was a great experience. The scenery on the way was incredible, so many rice patties and mountains.


In Takayama we went to the Hida Folk Village, it was very cute and gave a great insight into what life was like.


For dinner, Richard had a traditional Hida Beef dinner where you cook your own beef (a marbled, fatty beef that’s a speciality of the region) and vegetables. I had udon noodles and tofu which you dipped in a delicious vinegar sauce.


For the next couple of nights we are staying at a traditional Japanese ryokan, Hida Gasshoen. It’s got paper windows, thatched roof and Tatami (hand woven floor mats). We also had to remove our shoes before entering and wear slippers around the ryokan. When walking on the mats you take off your slippers. We slept on a rug/mattress on the floor. It was such an amazing experience and the staff could not have been friendlier or more helpful.


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