Japan 2017 | Day 3 | Tokyo


Today was a free day so we decided to check out the Tokyo National Museum and Ueno Park. It was such a gorgeous day to wonder around the park and get a little more insight into Japanese history.

We then went to Koenji, a Japanese neighborhood. It was super cool with heaps of restaurants and vintage shops!

We had to visit Robot Restaurant and it did not disappoint… what an experience. I can’t even begin to describe it but it is a must.

​After the show we went to Piss Alley. It’s definitely my favourite place, it’s heaps of small bars with only 5-6 seats in each bar.


Again it was a little difficult to find vegetarian food but we found a nice seafood sushi place for lunch, Sushizanmai.

In Koenji we stumbled across this bar that had happy hour, for about $40 aus we all got constant refills of sparkling and tempura. We sat at the counter and chatted to the guys working there, we didn’t want to leave it was so fun!


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