Japan 2017 | Day 2 | Tokyo

The first full day in Tokyo. I’m continually blown away by all the different things to do, we got a taste of all the major sites today.


Our first stop was the Senso-Ji Temple. Although we went there yesterday it was good to get a bit more background.

People believe the incense we burnt yesterday has healing properties and that’s why they try cover themselves in it.

Yesterday we also didn’t see the cleansing station. Before you enter the Temple you have to wash your hands from this communal trough with ladles. One thing I’ve noticed about Japan is how considerate and clean everyone is, it’s really refreshing.

We also found out that the large temple was  Buddhist and there’s a small one to the right that’s Shinto. In Japan the two regions are practiced together without conflict. There’s also a different way to pray for each religion. Shintoism is the native religion in Japan and dates back to the eigth century.

We then went to Akihabara – anime and technology heaven. Everything was so loud here, it’s exactly what I expected from Tokyo. We wondered the streets, checked out the electronic markets, department stores (which is pretty much an adult shop for maid costumes) and we had to get out own gachapon. These are vending machines that are everywhere here and dispenses capsules with small toys in them. I got a dumpling!

Our next stop was the Meiji Jingu Shrine. This is another temple however it’s in a man made Forrest in Harajuku. It was so incredible and again not what I expected in the middle of such a large city.

We then went to see the other side of Harajuku – the make up, clothes and accessories. The main street is a bunch of stalls with all the Harajuku style clothes and accessories. I have to admit though we didn’t see any proper Harajuku girls which was a bit disappointing.

Our last stop for the day was the Shibuya Crossing. It is a very large space however I wasn’t overwhelmed by the number of people, we must’ve had a quiet day. Apparently on weekends there are 2,000 people crossing.


We had to try this red bean paste sweet, ningyo yaki that Asakusa is famous for. It was delicious and the one we had was warm!

For lunch we went to a food court in a department store in Akihabara. This wasn’t your typical Australian, slightly dodgy food court. Every restaurant had their own seating area and was delicious.


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