Japan 2017 | Day 1 | Tokyo

I don’t know what I expected my first glimpse of Tokyo to be like but we were greeted by lush green grass, rice patties and traditional houses. The train ride into the city was amazing, we went through so many different areas.

We were very keen to get exploring and find some real sushi!


As we got to our hotel there was a lot of guys wearing short shorts or no pants, singing and clapping. It’s a local festival for Buddhism, men and women dress in traditional clothing from their community and carry shrines to Senso-ji Temple. It was incredible. We aren’t talking just about a few groups, every street was full of people. Kids also got involved and pulled along their own small shrines. The music and atmosphere was electric. It was such a treat to see this.

We decided to walk around Asakusa while waiting to check in. With the festival on it was so fun exploring especially the different side streets. We ordered some beer from a hole in the wall place and started wandering.

We went to visit Senso-Ji Temple (we didn’t realize this was where the groups were going at this point). Because of the festival there were markets all around the Temple. We burned some incense and walked up to the stairs under a giant lantern into the Temple. There’s a wall on the side of the shrine with lots of draws, you shake a tin full of numbered sticks and one falls out. The number on the stick collerates to a draw and a fortune.

There’s also a beautiful garden and coy pond surrounding the Temple.

Once we finally met up with our tour group we had a rest and we were ready for the welcome dinner.

After dinner we went to a bar/hostel that my friend had actually recommended. It’s called Nui. It had a great vibe and good drinks. However we needed our rest for our first tour day.


For lunch we of course wanted sushi. We googled the closest place and we were not disappointed. It was a sushi train where you ordered your food on an iPad and it came out on a conveyer belt. It was delicious too.​​

For the welcome dinner we had a nine course meal, I would never have had ordered the courses we had but it was really good!


We stayed at Agora Place Ashakusa. It’s very clean and seems to be in a great location.


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