New Years 2017 | Bremer Bay

To bring in 2017 we decided to spend a few nights in Bremer Bay. I didn’t really know where it was or what it was like but was happy to be with my friends and have a little getaway.

Bremer Bay is about 6 hours from Perth (that included a few pee and photo stops) and a gorgeous drive. There are a couple different routes that take you through small country towns.

It’s a small town, the fourth top attraction is the General Stote according to TripAdvisor. It’s surround by gorgeous beaches and an estery though.

The beaches here are incredible, some of the best I’ve ever seen. They have turquiose water and white hard sand. Perfect for 4WD, it reminded me of going 4WD when I was a kid and now I just want to do it more.

This whole trip was about drinking, nibbles and beach – my perfect getaway!

I’ll tell you about the beaches mostly but the pub was a great way to bring in the new year! The band was so much and the drinks are cheap, it just added to this incredible trip!

The first beach we went to was Little Boat Harbour, it’s small beach in a kind of rocky cove. Very pretty. On our last night we also came back here to watch the sunset, it was the perfect way to end the tip.

The next beach we went to was Main Beach. Everyone parks up their 4WD and enjoys the view. We actually bush walked to this beach though. It was an awesome way to see a bit more of the town and we got to see the estuary. Here is where the estuary and the ocean meet. The sand is so compact from everyone driving on it it’s a little bizarre. We played four square, drank and listened to some good tunes. As you can see in one of these photos the weather wasn’t 100% perfect but it was still amazing, if not a bit refreshing!

The final beach we went to was Blossoms. This was my favourite beach. Again everyone just parked up theirs 4WD and we cured our hangovers with a dip, more nibbles and good music. There was also another beach right next door which looked incredible and there was pretty much no one there (the first picture below).

Bremer Bay and the surrounding towns are definitely places I can’t wait to go back to explore!


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