Honeymoon Pool & Black Diamond | Collie

Europe was 100% amazing but it also made me think about how I don’t really appreciate what’s in my own backyard. Anyone that knows me knows that I couldn’t wait to get out of Collie when I was younger but now I see it as somewhere to be proud of. Sure it’s a small town but it is very welcoming and the places around it are so incredible. So one weekend here I decided I make sure I saw more of the places I’ve only been to once or twice but are closer than some places in Perth I visit.

Black Diamond has always been a weird place for me, it’s not very big and can get crowded very quickly. Today we were sending off Pa on his annual canoe trip and there was no one there. The waters are so blue, it’s from an algae in the water which isn’t the best to swim in apparently. The sheer white cliffs and these blue waters are incredible though. On the other side of Black Diamond there’s the Collie River which is perfect for canoeing or kayaking, although when my family goes canoeing we have bean bags, an eski and a motor!

Out next stop was a family picnic at honeymoon. This is a gorgeous place, it’s surrounded by the bush and has a swing and all! It’s also the perfect place for an explore, we went for a long walk and didn’t quite know how we got back. This is a must see around this area.


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