Harris River Dam and Harris River Estate | Collie

Today I wanted to show Richard a little bit of Collie. It was a bit of a hard decision, I forgot how much there’s to do around here. We settled on Harris River Dam simply because it was closest and a good starting point.

We were the only ones there, it was so peaceful and made it a little more special. We wondered along the Bibbulmun Track for a bit then explored the other side of the dam. The bush around the Dam is stunning, it felt so good to be out and about exploring what my home town has to offer.

I had always known about Harris River Estate, a local family run winery but had never stopped in for some reason so this was the perfect time to finally check it out. You drive through the vines then come to the cellar door. It’s a great set up with it’s own dam and outdoor seating. Although it was a bit rainy I could imagine it would be the perfect place for a Sunday sesh. Their range is extensive and doesn’t just include wine but also beer, cider and alcopops. It was a great experience, delicious products and the family (they were just sitting in the cellar door like it was a lounge room, it was great)  were all so friendly. Definitely will have to come back and enjoy this place on a sunny day.

There’s so much to see in and around Collie, I’m going to make more of an effort to explore it this summer.



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