Europe 2016 | Day 15 | Berlin

Today we wanted to tick off the touristy places and see how this city was affected by the Nazi reign.


I had already seen a checkpoint on my way to Berlin but had to check out the famous Checkpoint Charlie. It was very stylised, I think seeing the larger and abandoned Checkpoint Alpha was much better. It showed what it was like trying to cross border more.

Our next stop was the Topography of Terror and more of the Berlin Wall. This section hasn’t been painted over, it’s so bleak and you can’t help but get the chills when you’re near it. The Topography of Terror was so interesting in a morbid way. I couldn’t believe that most Nazi’s came from poor/run of the mill backgrounds and still treated others as less than human. I also didn’t realise how much they used public humiliation, it really was horrific.

To complete this day we visited the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. You felt lost walking through the memorial, it would’ve been a fraction of how the Jews felt but it’s a special memorial to bring those kind of emotions out.

We then went to these vegan markets in Neukolln called The Green Market. Neukolln is such a cool area, definitely worth a wonder. The markets were great, I did a bit of shopping as well! While we were wondering Neukolln we found street markets with live music so we also sat and enjoyed an espresso martini.

We kept on wondering and somehow stumbled on this gem, Tempelhofer Feld. It’s an old airport turned into a recreational field. There’s a running track and a big garden in the middle. People were just having beers and nibbles amount the flowers. It’s one of my favourite places in Berlin!


Krystle made breakfast this morning, it was so good to eat a home cooked meal!

For lunch we went to Indian, perfect for this cold and rainy day.


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