Europe 2016 | Day 14 | Berlin

After an awful night of food poisoning I was determined not to miss out on seeing Berlin.


The start was a bit slow but we decided to do a walking tour. We did it through Original Berlin Tours. This tour was focused on street art but still had a bit of history. It was great to see how people use art to unite and stand for important community issues. There were pieces by Blu, Alaniz and so many more. The streets of Berlin are amazing, so many hidden pockets to discover plus lots of sunflowers!

We then went to check out the east side gallery. This is why my favourite art form is street art. It can take something that symbolises oppression, division and hatred and make it into something that is uniting and loving. All the pieces mean something in themselves but added together they create a very special reminder that we can overcome anything.

The tour guide suggested checking out Yaam for a few drinks. It’s a reggae beach bar but we only figured that out when we tried to go to the loo! It was colourful, fun and right next to the river.


I didn’t eat too much today but had a great pho at Hamy Cafe.


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