Europe 2016 | Day 11 | Amsterdam


This morning I went to the Moco Museum. It shows pieces from Andy Wathol and Banksy. These artists are such inspirations and get you thinking about the world we live and how we interpret the simplest to the most horrific things. My favourite pieces were Banksy’s Swat Van and Warhol’s Princess Beatrice. This is a must do if you’re in Amsterdam, you can’t find this type of exhibition anywhere else, it’s very personal experience.

I then went for a wonder to find the Albert Cuypmarkt. These are very famous market and while they’re great, I preferred the markets Jess and I went to the other day. These are a bit tourist but I did find some great pottery and flowers. The fresh seafood looked amazing as well.

After the markets I wanted to check out Vondelbunker and the brewery inside however it was closed and no one knew if there was another entrance. I’ll just have to come back and check it out.

Now I had an afternoon to fill, the weather was perfect and Vondelpark was calling. I went to the supermarket, got some beers and snacks and read my book in the park. It was actually the perfect way to spend the afternoon.


I had the best Indonesian dish at the Albert Cuypmarkt from Nikki’s Rantang. It was a stall with the loveliest couple. I’m tempted to go back it was so good!

For dinner I felt like pasta so I went on the hunt for some Italian. I found this little Italian restaurant near Vondelpark called Trattoria Toto. It was delicious and very authentic.


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