Europe 2016 | Day 9 | Amsterdam

Today I have never been so excited and scared at the same time… It was definitely an interesting day.


We went to Zaanse Schans, its like you’ve stepped back through time. This village has windmills, a cheese factory, a chocolate factory, animals and people dressed in old attire and clogs! It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, so much fun too. It’s only a 20 minute bus ride out of Amsterdam and most things are free.

After exploring the little village we went to A’Dam, a building behind central Station with Europe’s largest swing. The building is very impressive and the lift to the stop is super cool, there’s a light show and all. The view from the top is incredible, Amsterdam is a massive city. The swing – I’m not the biggest fan of height, I can do them but I don’t enjoy it that much. Jess wanted to do the swing and it didn’t look too bad so I thought why not. I was very very wrong. It was awful, I had my eyes closed the whole time!!

We then ventured to the Iamsterdam sign. I wasn’t too impressed, there are people crawling all over it so you can’t really get a decent picture without someone’s bum in it.

I also want to explain the streets of Amsterdam, they’re crazy and wonderful at the same time. You have cars, trams, bikes, Vespa’s and pedestrians (there are also these strange cars with really small wheels but I have no idea what to call them). You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times, people won’t stop for you. Overlooking this craziness are these tilted gorgeous thin buildings. Every one is different with its own quirks.


For breakfast we went to the Breakfast Club, right near CityHub. It was a great cafe with delicious breakfast!

For lunch we went to Wagamama’s. We wanted something light but filling so ramen was the obvious choice.

For dinner we want to this food hall near CityHub called FoodHallen. It was amazing, so many choices and the atmosphere was perfect for Jess’s last night. There was even a gin and tonic bar so we was were in heaven! Here they serve G&Ts in these big glasses, it’s genius.


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