Europe 2016 | Day 8 | Amsterdam

Today Jess arrives, I’m so excited to experience this gorgeous city with her.


After getting a little lost I finally found my new hotel and Jess!! We dropped our bags off then went for a wonder. We somehow found our way to this market, I think it was Harlemmer Burt Fair but I’m not 100% on that. It was great anyway, we had oysters and there was so much to see.

We decided to go on a canal cruise to see Amsterdam from the water. We did it through Lovers and did the small cruise with drinks (of course). It was amazing to be on the water having a few drinks. I just wanted to stay on the water, it’s so perfect! There was so many people on the canals, it’s what they do. It’s actually my dream lifestyle! We also got a bit of entertainment in the form of a choir on a boat!

To continue the evening we went to Waterkant, it’s a Cuban bat on a canal. It was really fun to sit and watch all the boats go by while sipping on a G&T.

We then went to XtraCold Icebar, it was an awesome experience but we didn’t really wear the right attire (shorts and ice do not go well together). The vodka shots quickly warmed us up though.


For breaky I went to a cafe called Flame. It was close to the hostel and actually served breakfast. Not the best omelette I’ve ever had but it filled a hole.

We had nibbles at Waterkant for lunch, so delish but the gin and tonics were the stars!


For the next two nights I’m staying at CityHub. It’s the best place I’ve ever stayed in. Your room is in an L shape and it’s just the bed and some stairs. They give you a wristband and everything is self-serve including the bar! They also give you a wi-fi dongle so you have it wherever you go, such a handy thing to have!


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