Europe 2016 | Day 6 | Paris to Amsterdam

Today I had to say goodbye to Paris which was sad but not too bad since I get to go on the first leg of my Busabout. My next stop is Amsterdam!


Saying goodbye to Paris was sad, I could’ve stayed there another week and not see everything I wanted to. It’s a gorgeous city with lots to give. I always felt safe around the city and will never stop traveling because of fear.

Although I was sad to leave I was excited to see what Busabout actually was. The bus was clean and they had movies and music to keep us entertained. The guides were great and gave us heaps of interesting facts about Belgium and Netherlands on the way.

Before getting to Amsterdam we stopped at Bruges. This is a cute medieval city and I mean medieval. It looks like it’s locked in time. Bruges is also well known for their beers. The little pubs looked so good! I really regret not staying there for a couple of nights, it’s definitely on my list for my next trip.

We got to Amsterdam and it is just as gorgeous as Bruges but it has something more. The atmosphere around the streets is so friendly and welcoming. You immediately feel at home here.

I had booked in for a sex show at Casaross0 through Busabout. I didn’t know what to expect but it was great fun, in a bit of a weird way. They mixed it up and got people on stage, I secretly think some of the girls in the audience thought this was an audition. One girl didn’t even wear knickers and I’m talking about a girl from the audience!! We then went to the famous Bulldog Coffee Shop. It’s strange to see drugs being accepted so openly but it’s a real community and no one abuses them here (well some of the tourist do but you know what I mean).


Today was a bit of a boring day food wise, I got Burger King for lunch and had Wok and Walk for dinner which was great. You choose what you want in your noodles, such a good idea!

Before the sex show I went for a dutch beer at Vondelpark/3. It was delicious, although I’m not the biggest beer connoisseur.


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