Europe 2016 | Day 5 | Paris

I wanted to take my time and enjoy my last day in Paris. Although I cannot wait to come back to this stunning city, it’s been amazing!


This morning was a bit slow (due to a 4 euro wine headache) but I wanted to go back to Champs Elysees. Unfortunately my perfume was running low and I just couldn’t go past Chanel, when in Paris why not! The service was amazing, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted but the guy helped me so much and even gave me some freebies!

I met up with an old Parisian friend, Pauline for lunch. After lunch we went to Galeries Laffayette. The building itself was gorgeous and inside was the same. So much great food and shopping.

Next was the Luxor Obelisk, which is incredible. I’m happy I’ve  finally got to see a little piece of Egypt. It’s so bizarre seeing this in front of the Lourve and the caresoul.

THE LOURVE! I’m so excited to finally be at the Lourve. This place is so magically and the gardens are magnificent. I sat in the garden before my tour started and enjoyed the sun. I did a night tour through City Wonders, it was great. The guide was so knowledgable and funny, she really added to the whole experience. The only thing I really missed was the Egyptian wing, I will just have to go back. I also think next time I will just wonder through myself and really take my time. The Mona Lisa was a bit underwelming but still worth a look and of course a selfie.


Pauline look me to a really cute cafe called L’improbable. It was so good and I had my first French “sandwich”. Delicious!

We went to the rooftop of Galleries Laffayette and had ice cream and elcairs. The view from the top was incredible.


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