Europe 2016 | Day 4 | Paris

Today I went a bit morbid but it was still amazing! I think we all need to be reminded every now and then that we aren’t invincible.


First thing I did today was go to the catacombs. The line was massive already and I got there around 9:40am! It was worth the wait though. You walk down tunnels and stairs then all of a sudden you get to tunnels made out of bones. They’re so tightly packed I was worried if I touched them they would fall down. I still don’t believe they brought all those bones down and packed them together. It’s dedication and an amazing feat. It takes you back a bit and I realized that it really doesn’t matter where you end up so live your life to the fullest!

After the catacombs I went to Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise. Again morbid but so amazing! I was there to see Jim Morrison’s and Oscar Wilde’s graves. This cemetery is huge but just wandering around is breathtaking.

Oscar Wilde’s grave was very inspiring. People had written him notes and kissed the glass with red lipstick. For people to show this much love after all this time is so beautiful. It says a lot about a person that can inspire that kind of love.

Jim Morrisons grave was also very special but very different. There were guys just sitting around the grave listening to Doors music. It was a really inspiring being near a grave that brings people together and isn’t a sad a sad place.

Tonight I met a pretty cool group of people from Canada, Mauritius, Italy and Belgium at Belushi’s. It was a great night especially when you are drinking 4 euro wine!


Today I didn’t explore at all with my meals I ate at the hostel for breakfast and dinner which was actually not too bad.

For lunch I went to Ayko Sushi near the catacombs. It was very fresh and delicious.


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