Europe 2016 | Day 1 and 2 | Paris

Saying goodbye is really hard for me but knowing that I have all these new and exciting adventures waiting for me was worth it. The flights to Paris were a breeze, got to watch a few movies and the food was surprisingly okay! I’m definitely ready to get to Paris and start exploring though.


My very first day in Paris I was just going to walk around the Eiffel Tower but I took a wrong turn and ended up at Palais de Tokyo. It’s a contemporary art museum. A range of artists were exhibiting using all sorts of mediums from film to sculpture, light and one even was a secret spinning door you have to walk through to get to another part of the exhibition. It’s so massive and so much to see – if you’re into this make sure you do it when you’re well rested so you can really appreciate it.

The next day I had met an American girl, Rebecca and we decided to do a boat cruise on the seine and a tour of the Latin quarter.

After a little trouble finding the boat cruise we were on our way. We did our cruise through Vedettes de Paris. Cruising down the seine was gorgeous, everywhere you look there’s beautiful architecture, house boats and amazing sculptures. It’s a must do activity if you want to get your bearings and have a little overview of what Paris has to offer.

The Latin Quarter is not in reference to Latino Americans but Latin the language. It is the university district. It was fantastic to see how much different Paris is now to back in the day. We visited Paris’s smallest street, Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche meaning Street of the Fishing Cat. This name apparently came from a cat that would catch fish every day and the Parisians thought it was possessed by the devil so the drowned it but the next day it was back fishing in the seine. We also got to visit Shakespeare and Company which I was thrilled about. It’s a gorgeous bookstore and the history of the owner and visitors is inspirational.

We also saw the oldest tree in Paris, 400 years old! It’s propped up by beams and is actually kind of sad, it’s had a good run I feel like it’s time Paris let it go.

My favourite surprise was a sundail by Salvador Dali, it’s simple but still interesting which really is Dali’s MO. We did Latin Quarter tour through Sandemans. A side note – I haven’t seen it but if you’ve watched and love Midnight in Paris apparently you would love this tour.

My favourite place in Paris is the area around Canal St-Martin! It has so much character, amazing bars and eateries.


Today’s lunch was a delicious grab and go kebab from a little hole in the wall shop, Chez le Libanais.

My friend from work recommended this bar to me so we thought we would check it out. It was Comptoir Général, it’s hidden behind some apartment buildings through a tiny door but well worth the search!

For dinner we went to Siseng, a Boa burger bar. It wasn’t even open the first time we walked by and there was already a line so we knew it had to be good. We weren’t disappointed, so fresh and delicious!


While in Paris I’m staying at St Christopher’s Inn Canel. The staff are friendly but there was a bit of a mix up with my bed. Nothing major though. They just aren’t the cleanest of rooms or facilities but doable for five nights. It’s also a bit far from the action (Eiffel tower ect) but the metro is super easy to figure out.


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