Truffle Kerfuffle | Day 3 | Manjimup

The last day in Manjimup, so sad but excited for today’s adventures.

To start the morning we decided to go for a walk around the top of the valley. It’s so nice to just wonder around where all you can see is trees, grass, dams and some very shy cows.


I really want to come to the farm at least twice a year, there’s just something calming and spiritual about this place . It’s so special.

On the way home we decided to go through Ferguson Valley.

We had lunch at the Wild Bull Brewery. We got the tasting plate of beers and really enjoyed the Pale Ale. The food was nice and the view was amazing.

After lunch we stopped in to see Gnomesville. It’s grown so much since I had been there last, literally tripled in size. It now takes over the creak and a paddock next door. I loved the puns, variety and was fascinated by how people even got their gnomes in the places they did.


The weekend unfortunately came to an end but I couldn’t ask for anything more! I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to experience the gorgeous South West and all it’s hidden treasures. I can’t wait until I’m there next.



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