Truffle Kerfuffle | Day 2 | Manjimup


Waking up to Nanna cooking breakfast and the fog over the valley was the perfect start to the Truffle Kerfuffle. We got ready (with Nanna worrying that we will be late but that’s standard) and headed off. Gangan of course had to go the “back way” and chat to anyone who would listen.

After we finally got in and got our  all important wine glasses we were completely overwhelmed, so many great stall and tasty treats!

My favourite find from today was Chestnut Grove – an amazing family owned winery. I could’ve easily brought a case.

The food was incredible – we had the best empanadas!

I also brought a FLAGON (yes, a flagon) of scrumpy cider from Custard & Co. I just couldn’t resist. We also tried warmed cider for the first time but I have to say I prefer mulled wine.

After a wonder and some shopping we watched a demonstration on the truffle dogs – they’re such smart and beautiful animals.

After Nanna finally find us (Gangan just left and didn’t tell Richard and I Nanna was buying us truffle aioli chips, again standard) it was time for The Shed Wine Sessions. The presenter was hilarious and kept our glasses very full (the key is to introduce yourself early and drink fast so they refill). I never knew how many great wineries were in the South West region, it made me really proud that a grew up in such a special place.


I was a bit jolly after the wine tasting but there was still more fun to be had, although I have to admit it’s a bit fuzzy from then.

The night was just as perfect as the day. We talked, ate Thai Red Curry and had a night cap of Sambuca (we also had to convince Gangan to throw out Baileys which had turned into a solid and was at least 30 years old).



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