Truffle Kerfuffle | Day 1 | Manjimup

After a lot of pizza, very little work  and a bit of shopping, Richard and I drove down to Manjimup. It’s the most gorgeous drive. Rolling hills, pink sunsets, winding roads and lots of laughs – the perfect start to the weekend.


We met Nanna and Gangan in Manjimup and had dinner at Manjimup Chinese Restaurant. The food was good (even if they gave me laksa with chicken after I checked if it was all good) and the company was even better.

After dinner it was time to head to the farm. It was a bit touch and go with my little Mazda but we made it!

Driving through the huge Karri trees to the Lefory Valley brought back so many great memories. I couldn’t believe how much I remembered from almost 10 years ago – from the fallen tree that we would climb as kids to the toys that Nanna has kept after all these years.

The farm is like another home. Its cosy, safe and stunning.




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