Perth’s Secret Garden | Gwelup 

I had heard about this secret garden through Instagram for a while so when Richard and I decided to check it out I was so excited.

We google mapped it and actually found it – it was only 30 minutes from my house!

We got to the street and thought it couldn’t be right. There was huge houses lining the streets. There was a lake but it wasn’t like any of the photos. Anyway we parked and went for a wonder.

I wasn’t very hopeful about finding it at this point but we got to these bamboo trees and there was a little walk way, we thought why not the worst thing in there would be a snake!

It was amazing going from these bamboo trees and following the path to the secret garden.

It was also very bizarre. You could still see the houses and hear traffic but on the other side you were in this fairy wonderland.

We were just in awe of how nature had developed to bring such a place into existence. From the vines growing over massive trees to little tunnels leading no where.

It truly is a beatiful place, I felt like I was five again pretending I was a fairy. I still couldn’t get over the fact there is such a place in the middle of an estate.

After exploring the gardens for a bit we went back out to the lake and had a little picnic. It was a gorgeous day.


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